Remembering Your First Outdoor Experience

Posted: April 29, 2009 in Outdoors, Hunting, Surfing
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   Fishing trip      Calling all outdoor lovers!! We need your help this week to kick off some special memory moments in honor of the upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Day.   Do you have a special memory or a moment stamped in time about the how you got hooked on the Outdoors

Was it a special time with a beloved family member, or was it teaching our child how to put that slimy warm on a hook?  Maybe it was your first real  father/son talk with dad  on a camping trip.  My was for sure catching that 12lb large mouth bass all by myself at Lake Norman, North Carolina when I was 6 on some crazy looking green speckled snake lure!  I was so proud!  I think my father was glad to call me his daughter that day!!  Fishing with Grandpa

Please share your special memory with us. We will be posting them here as well as those very special stories on our website  Surf and Sheds .  You can post it in the comment section, or shoot us an email with your memory and link to your site, we don’t mind giving shout outs that is what we are here for!  We are all in this together, enjoying the outdoors!!

  1. Robin Wilson says:

    I’ll share!

    My first outdoor memory…

    My dad took my brother and I out fishing. We were making too much noise for his liking, and told us we had to be quiet or we wouldnt catch any fish. Both my brother and I caught sunfish that night! It was awesome, and to this day I dont like to talk when Im in a boat. (cuz dad wanted it quiet) lol

  2. Two memories come to mind from going camping with my parents, maternal grandparents and sister in an old Winnebago RV we called Winnie. We went to Copper Harbor in the U.P. of Michigan. I couldn’t have been very old. We went fishing with hot dog pieces and caught a lot of little white crabs and then finally a fish. Very exciting! Then we came back to camp and my Grandma fed a chipmunk from her hand. It was the first time I had been so close to one.

  3. I’ll think about this and have a post up for you this weekend!

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