Eyes of Terror Struck on Mother’s Day!!

Posted: May 12, 2009 in Outdoors, Hunting, Surfing
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Hello to everyone that is reading this post today!  Please as you read this remember to forward!  IMG_2494Spread the word about Child Safety!


Mother’s Day 2009 my son was less than a minute from his home.  He is 13 years old and I am proud to say a terrific child!  He had been doing what he does all the time, playing outside.  He was approached on Sunday  at 2:55 pm in Raleigh, North Carolina. In the middle of the afternoon by a Silver Sedan with a 45-50 year old male driving the vehicle and a much younger female in the back seat.  The male told him to get in the car and he would not be hurt.  They repeated this several times, then as he was leaving the site, they told him ” Get in the car we will not hurt you, you can drive for the first time in your life, if you get in the car“.  By saying that to a teenager, they were for sure targeting his age group!  He did the right thing and screamed NO and left the area and came home.  911 was called immediately, they were dispatched from all over the county, and they have not found the predators, but by spreading the word about these predators and how they are targeting teenagers, older children think they are beyond this happening to them, I am here say that is just not TRUE!! I am hoping that all of the parents, grandparents, friends and family will spread the word and remind everyone to talk to their children about child abduction! My son was violated, and his sense of safety was taken from him within a few seconds. He has always been a strong independent young man and now, he has not slept in 2 days, and is still wondering if they will be outside our door waiting for him.   If you click on the picture, it will take you to a website about child safety as well as the links below.   Please talk to your children today!  You never know what you will do in that situation, but it is truly best to prepare yourself in any way possible!  I hope that this article will touch many, and be shared around the world!  My family is very lucky to be able to say that it did turn out to be a Happy Mother’s Day for us in every since of the word! 


Check out these links to help you talk with your children about Safety!

1. http://www.bottomlinesecrets.com/article.html?article_id=13383

2. http://www.ehow.com/how_5010481_teach-child-stranger-danger.html?ref=fuel&utm_source=yahoo&utm_medium=ssp&utm_campaign=yssp_art

3. http://www.ehow.com/video_4441779_kids-selfdefense-stranger-danger.html  Great Video!!

4.  http://www.ehow.com/how_2302152_help-kids-identify-dangerous-strangers.html

5. http://www.ehow.com/how_4880428_protect-child-abduction-strangers.html 

6. http://www.gomcgruff.com  Online Safety Website


*****Remember to HUG your children today!!  Be thankful, and Teach, Preach, and Spread the Word!!

  1. That’s terrible. Your poor son. It’s awful that his sense of safety has been violated. At least he knew what to do and kept his head.

    You are so right that all parents or anyone who loves a child needs to talk to that child about what’s acceptable and what isn’t. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, I know how important that is. Most of all impress on your kids to speak up if a situation doesn’t feel right.

    I’m so glad that your son had been taught what to do and had the presence of mind to do it. Hopefully they catch the people who approached him and put them away.

  2. I’m glad to hear everything turned out alright. Hopefully your son will soon feel safe and that what he did was the right thing to do.

  3. Amo says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just moved to the Fuquay area and have been in a denial that this sort of thing happens around here!

    I am going to talk to my sons (5 and 3) now.

  4. Jacqueline Bontzolakes says:

    I want to thank you for your efforts in awareness! However, I have the compelling need to adress an even bigger and more devastating issue. Child abductions by stangers are under 300 incidents per year, while abductions by non-custodial parents or family members are around 500,000 Per year. I never thought that this would happen to me, but it has and it is! My daughter, 3 years old has been adbucted by her father in Charlotte, NC. I have not heard her voice since 5/7/09 and her father even after he demanded I stay off his property and also never to call his house or cell or his wife etc. He stated only email contacts. Those have also seized since 5/12/09. North Carolina will not do anything because the way the laws are written there any parent can take the child and raise them as they wish. Without a court order there is nothing they can do. I live in NYS. The laws are similar, but different the only way I can get her back is to prove she was in my care in NYS and also get a court order. Until then I can not do anything but wait in agony and pain! New court date is scheduled for June 18th. That long before appearing in court and does not mean I will get her back on that date! My life has been turned upside down and inside out.

    I beg you all who read this to teach your children how to call in every single day when they are with family. I also strongly advice that you get court orders to state you are the sole/custodial parent. If I had had this order in place my child would have been returned immediately!
    I also advice that you teach children your phone number. And if they can’t reach you or can’t remember that at least you teach them to call 911 if they feel that to much time has passed where they have not talked to you. They should tell the police that they just wanna speak to there mom/dad and make sure everythings ok. The last words my 3 year old said to me was… Don’t worry mommy we missed the plane but my daddy promised… He promised He would drive me up there to see you ok? Don’t worry I will be there tomorrow… I love you mommy and I miss you so much and when I get there I will stay with you forever and ever.”

    Its been 10 days… MY heart is completely broken. I can’t even imagine what her heart feels like! :__(

    With deepest regrets…
    Jacqueline B.

  5. Jana says:

    Very sorry to hear this Jacquline..

  6. Justin says:

    I’m so glad your son did the right thing! We just had a guy come in and do a stranger danger lesson for our Cub Scout pack.

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