Just like any other day you wake up to many things, whether it be children wanting their morning bowl of Captain Crunch, or the birds singing that early morning tune, but today you woke up wondering what happen to those mornings that were made of friends pounding on your window at 4am with boards already on the surf racks, and ready to hit the local 7-11!   Mornings like that  became our religion!

Being around many of the southeastern beaches that have become well known around the world, or kept secret by  the locals was our way of life.  Everything else became second to the salt water. I remember getting up piling in an old VW Bug, seems like their were ten of us in that car that morning, as long as you caught a ride to the beach, it did NOT matter how you got there!  Everyone laid back trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep before we hit he water.  Some of you Floridian surfers know about Spanish House, or Second Light, for the ones reading this wondering where in the world is she taking about let me explain…In front of Rc's

Florida, like most other surf spots around the world, names its surf breaks after nearby landmarks or some unique or oceanographic feature.

Here is a good description of Spanish House:

A popular spot since the days of hitchhiking and no leashes, Spanish House is the first parking area and beach access north of Sebastian Inlet. Once you’ve driven past Bonsteel and the entrance to Long Point Park, keep looking right until you see a dirt lot with a bulletin board out front. That’s it. Just find a parking spot — if you can — cross A1A and follow the shrub and tree-laden trail to the beach. (Just watch your head for limbs and feet for snakes.)
Earning its name from the large, Spanish-style home just steps from the break, the house is unique to this area and so is the wave it guards. Spanish House’s deep outside and shallow inside bar gives the break some push, offering more of a challenge than the dribblers of Northern Brevard on most average swells. Under ideal conditions — strong swell, low tide, offshore — there’s a chance for rare Florida perfection, transforming the beach into a top-to-bottom barrel garden.

Second Light is well, the second stop light at Patrick’s Air Force Base in Satellite Beach Florida. 

You’ll pass through Satellite Beach, home of the pro surfers C.J. and Damien Hobgood. You’ll find the hot locals at “R.C.’s,” in front of the Ramada Inn which has since been torn down.  Now you can look for the “empty lot” beside Paradise Beach Resort.  Next are the world-class breaks of (heading north) “Second Light,” “First Light” and “Picnic Tables.”  The morning of my Wedding in front of  R.C.’s, I think my husband was watching the waves, instead of remembering his vows!! 


There are many more great spots on the Southeastern coast such as  Cocoa Beach, New Smyrna Inlet, Flagler Beach and Crescent Beach.  But for us growing up Spanish House and Second Light was the two most all time favorites! 

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