Hilton Head Island…..waves, no waves….SHARK!!

Posted: June 29, 2009 in 1
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Surf and Sheds has been enjoying all that Hilton Head Island can offer.  From the flavors of the Low Country to the Surf Fishing.

When we arrived here it was high hopes for the High Surf, there has been talk of a tropical wave of the coast of Florida.  We jump out of the car and head for the ocean.  Come to find we should have brought a boat and our water skis!!!  NO WAVES!!!  It was as smooth as a babies bottom out there, my precious little daughter was riding the sand on her boogie board!!  My more  accommodating for the knee board than a surf board.  IMG_2666


So we hit the beach last night in hopes of good fishing.  We packed up the family, with Grammy and Papa in tow!  Headed down to the beach my daughter has her Princess rod with her  (of course)!  You do know you can still catch a Monster of a fish with a pink and purple Princess Rod right??  So we tell her and my son to get their bait on their poles, which by the way is NO problem for either one of them. IMG_2676 Ok,  bait on…..wait for it….nibble….nibble….SHARK!!!!  Look what I caught, SHARK!!!  All the other poles go flying to see the Shark that was just caught by DAD!!  


Ok, so we got pretty tired of SHARK!!  We must have caught 10  sharks in the time span of 30 minutes….What we needed to know is where was MAMA SHARK?  These sharks were babies, but to be so small mama must be around somewhere.  In hopes to start catching some FISH, a few whiting but that was it! 


All in all it was a good night for fishing, if you like sharks, which the occasional passer by will ask, “Did you catch anything?”  We were fast to reply “SHARKS!!”  Then you will receive a million questions,IMG_2674 “Really?”  “How big?”  “How many?”….I understand there are still lot’s of people that have never seen a shark up close, but at this point I would much rather having been yelling “WAVES” than “SHARK!”…..


More to come from the Surf and Sheds at Hilton Head Island!!  Stayed Tuned!!! 

  1. Looks like you all are enjoying yourself. Guess I’m sheltered, I’ve never seen anyone catch little sharks.

    I’m LOVING the pink/purple fishing rod. 🙂

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