Damn Sharks!!

Posted: July 3, 2009 in 1
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Last night we had a nice dinner at South Beach, came back to the house and decided we would try our luck with fishing once again.  So we loaded up the kids, rods, the bait and took a few nice pictures along the way.IMG_2695

Being the MOM that I am, taking pictures of every little thing I see, such as dad and daughter striking a pose!    Or things like  my daughter thinking she is a cover model!! IMG_2709

But then something’s you just can’t resist taking a picture of like My daughter with the smallest frog she could find out by the ocean!  IMG_2717







So the boys are fishing away and of course, sharks, sharks, and more damn sharks!!  Some cute girls walk by checking out my son, he gets a little flustered, and BITE….MOM!!!! IMG_2741 Take this damn shark of my hook!!!  So being the MOM that I am, I go over to take the shark off, and can you possibly guess what that shark does?????  Mr. Shark took it upon himself to give us our bait back!!!  Yep, that thing threw up on MOM!!!  I have had kids throw up on me, cat’s and dog’s and many friends, but a shark….NEVER!!!!  While my sons 2 cute admiring girls are watching, of course MOM gets to be the one that the shark throws up on!   So to end the evening, we took one last picture.


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