Can you really find China???

Posted: July 8, 2009 in 1
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Surf and Sheds enjoyed the last day at the beach, maybe the male part of Surf and Sheds enjoyed it a little more…He woke up early and headed down to the beach to get things set up for the family.  Came back to the house and ate breakfast, then we all packed up and headed down for some fun in the sun.

Quickly he became bored….there were NO waves, No good fishing, No kids that wanted to play, he decided to keep himself busy!  I have  seen this happen for any number of reason’s, you might have to do this if a pet croaks that you can’t seem to flush down the toilet, or if you need a hole to plant something in, but just to stat digging a hole because you are bored…..hmmmm, maybe he had his reasons, I just did NOT want to ask!!

Picture #1

HoleThe beginning!








Picture #2

Must have bevereage!!

Must have a cold beverage in Surf and Sheds Koozie!!!








Picture #3

Added a bench

He added a bench to sit on!!!








Picture # 4

Son takes sover

Then my son takes over….








Picture #5

Getting deeper!

What are these 2 thinking???  It was so HOT that day!









OK, so you get the idea!  They were just digging a hole just to see how deep they could get it!  I was thinking that one of us might end up in the hole by the end of the day if we did not behave ourselves!  People kept on walking by and glancing at the hole, then when they got a good look, they would have to come back and start asking questions, silly ones, like "What are you doing?"  Answer….digging a hole!!!  "Why are you digging a hole?"  Answer….I’m trying to find China!!  At one point they did have a few people stop and watch the excitement of digging a hole, my husband would kindly ask,  "Do you want to take over for a while?"  Answer….No way…..throughout the day you can see we had a very exciting day at the beach, kids were amazed, parents were wondering if they could borrow our hole for their kids, you would be really amazed how many wives walked by and asked, if he was digging his own hole for later in case he got into any trouble!!!

All in all we had a great time in Hilton Head,  SC!!



Traded poles

Oh, yes I almost forgot, my daughter did trade in her pink and purple rod for the BIG DOG DADDY ROD!!  You can see she decided to sit while fishing in that washing machine of an ocean the last night!  No fish, and yes you guessed it…more sharks!!

  1. Yes, but did they find China? lol great fun.. thanks for sharing

  2. Cute pictures and the sand is beautiful. I would have said he was digging his own hole as well. 🙂

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