When becoming a parent you have many great moments in life that you will forever remember, and stories that will be told at the dinner table for years and pasted on for generations.

North Carolina’s bow season opened on September 12th.  Following the trail cams and learning  how to be patient is tough for children, many adults as well.  When hunting season arrives and you head out on opening day patience seems to fly right out the window.  Safety is something that should never be taken for granted even on opening day!

Teaching children about Hunting Safety must be first and foremost. Going out on your first hunting trip should NOT be about getting that first harvest. It should be about  teaching your children safety.  Explain to them what is happening, listen to the sounds,  point out animals, birds and other wildlife you see as well as survival tips.  Walk the trails, learn points of reference, scrap tress along the trail incase you get turned around.  We always have our children to lead us off the trail to be sure they are familiar with their surroundings. Safety Should ALWAYS COME FIRST! First Buck in NC

When teaching children about Hunting Safety remember these rules:


  1. Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
  2. Point your gun in a safe direction.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Be sure of your target and all points surrounding target.
  5. Notify someone where you will be hunting and how long you expect to be gone.
  6. Avoid hunting alone. If you go alone, hunt in familiar areas.
  7. Dress properly and be prepared for the every possible conditions.
  8. Check the weather forecast before going into the woods.
  9. Identify your target before shooting.
  10. Check all hunting equipment before and after each outing, and maintain it properly. 
  11. Wear  blaze orange to be highly visible to other hunters.
  12. Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs before or while handling firearms or bow and arrows.

Hunting Survival Kit

  1. Compass
  2. Pen & Paper
  3. String
  4. Flashlight and GPS
  5. Survival Candle
  6. Swiss Army Knife
  7. Waterproof matches
  8. Small First Aid Kit
  9. Batteries for flashlight and GPS device
  10. Signaling Mirror
  11. Rescue Whistle

***With all of the safety rules covered go out and enjoy the outdoors with your children.  Teach, observe, survive!  You will forever have memories to be sure to last a lifetime.


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