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Posted: October 7, 2009 in 1
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Wendy asked if I would do a guest post for her about her sons first deer he recently took thinking my post would show a little more humor then a post she might write because I write about humor. After reading the story and seeing the photos, I’m not so sure I’m the best person to write about this. I don’t hunt and have never seen anyone hoist a deer up in a tree or swing set for that matter. But I’m going to do my best.

Wendy’s son Holden got his first deer (cow horn buck) weighing 205lbs. I can only imagine how proud a Father would be at this moment. His son with his first deer and the excitement of what comes after. Aww the sweet lessons a Father will pass on to his son. Hoisting that baby up in a swing set to get it cleaned.

You can just feel the excitement and confidence on Holden’s face…This is a piece of cake.

Maybe this might be a little harder then I thought. Get the gloves and more muscle.

One slip of my foot and that girl will be air born.

Aww look at little blondie with folded arms giving instructions. She is my kind of girl. And she’s wearing pink. Luv her.

You know when you’re a kid and your parents tell you to stop laughing but that makes you laugh even harder? This is no laughing matter. Get that deer up.

And no job is complete without the help of these two little buddies.

And would you look at this…I think they finally got it. All that strength, sweat and rope burns has paid off.

Wendy had this to say about that night, “That night turned into a anatomy lesson for all the young ones sitting around watching. Questions were asked – What is that, where is the heart, do I have those parts too? Not once did we hear ewww gross. That night was a test of strength, wits, and funny moments! I thought I would bust a gut just watching them.”

Congratulations to Holden on his first deer and I can say this without a doubt, I would have been standing there with my arms folded in my pink top saying EWWW.

***  I would like to thank Jody from The Hunter’s Wife for being my guest post this week! Jody did a great job with one of our many funny family moments!

  1. Good Job Holden.. congrats!!
    One question Wendy, why did you bring it home without gutting it?
    Jody is a great lady and has a wonderful sence of humor… warped minds think alike..lol

    • This Buck was taken within a 5 minute walk from our house!! Chris likes to clean them at home when he is so close. The kids do enjoy that part!! =)

      It would have been a lot less heavy that way…But you know you can’t tell men anything….

  2. […] P.S. – I did a guest post at Surf and Sheds about Wendy’s son’s first deer. […]

  3. […] P.S. – I did a guest post at Surf and Sheds about Wendy’s son’s first deer. […]

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